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Sonic drive-in restaurant in Avon, Indiana Avon, Indiana doesn’t have very many original eateries. It’s close enough to downtown Indianapolis that residents don’t have to travel far to find that tiny niche Indianapolis restaurant. But, true to the town’s commuter nature, plenty of chain restaurants have put down roots in Avon. Burgers at Five Guys, steak at Hirosaki, a bread bowl of soup from Panera Bread; all these chain restaurants and more comprise the list of Avon restaurants. Browse through several Avon restaurant photo galleries below to work up a healthy appetite.

Five Guys restaurant store front in Avon, Indiana Five Guys Photos – Photos and pictures of Five Guys, an Avon restaurant that serves up piping hot burgers to meat hungry residents of Avon, Indiana.
Photo of the Hirosaki Restaurant in Avon, Indiana Hirosaki Photos – Photos and pictures of Hirosaki, an Avon restaurant that specializes in hibachi grilled steak, seafood, and poultry.
Picture of Lenny's Sub Shop in Avon, Indiana Lenny’s Sub Shop Photos – Photos and pictures of Lenny’s Sub Shop, an Avon restaurant specializing in deli sandwiches and other lean vittles.
McAllisters Deli is a popular chain restaurant in Avon, Indiana McAlister’s Deli Photos – Photos and pictures of McAlister’s Deli, an Avon restaurant with branches throughout Central Indiana and the United States.
Photo of Monicals Pizza in Avon, Indiana Monical’s Pizza Photos – Photos and pictures of Monical’s Pizza, an Avon restaurant chain with locations in Indianapolis and around Central Indiana.
Picture of the Panera Bread restaurant in Avon, Indiana. Panera Bread Photos – Photos and pictures of the Avon, Indiana branch of Panera Bread; Panera also has branches in Indianapolis and Lawrence, Indiana.
Picture of the Schaffer's Restaurant in downtown Avon, Indiana Schaffer’s Restaurant Photos – Photos and pictures of Schaffer’s Restaurant, an Avon restaurant located in the town’s downtown district.
Photo of the Sonic Restaurant in Avon, Indiana Sonic Photos – Photos and pictures of Sonic, an Avon restaurant that specializes in milkshakes and burgers delivered to your car window.

Avon Restaurant Photos 

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